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Karina-Jean's Story


Gastrointestinal Condition

Meet Karina-Jean

Karina-Jean is charming and fun. She is quick to melt the heart of anyone she meets!


Recent Updates

Karina-Jean recently returned to the care of her guardian orphanage. Although we miss her greatly, we are honored to have had the opportunity to care for her. Please pray for her transition and for her to soon have the opportunity to know the love and security of a family through adoption.

Karina-Jean had so much fun celebrating the holidays. We love to see the joy on her face as she sees the decorations and joins in on the Christmas activities. We are blessed to know this sweet girl. Will you join us as we pray for Karina-Jean in the new year?

Karina-Jean loves her nurses! She always joins them when they make their rounds—giggling with delight when they stop by her room to pick her up, then following along behind them while she holds onto their stethoscope or fresh bandages. She’s such a big helper, and the nurses are so smitten with her!

Karina-Jean is growing more independent by the day. She’s exploring her room at a whole new speed, and loves to investigate the things she discovers. Karina-Jean is content to play on her own or with her friends and nannies. We adore her sweet spirit and precious dimples!

Karina-Jean recently discovered how much she enjoys reading a little butterfly-shaped book in her room. The book plays music and her nannies read it to her over and over again! Karina-Jean’s nannies adore her, and it is clear that she adores them right back!

Karina-Jean is growing up so quickly, and she charms everyone she meets. She likes to play with her friends, and she blows such sweet kisses!

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