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Kallie's Story


Down Syndrome

Meet Kallie

Kallie makes us smile with her hugs and big grin. She’s a bundle of joy, and we can’t get enough of her snuggles. It is an honor to care for her.


Recent Updates

Kallie recently returned to the care of her guardian orphanage, and our hearts ache as we miss her. To know Kallie is to love her, and everyone who saw her smiling face or received one of her hugs will never forget the joy that she exuded. Please pray for her as she transitions, and for her nurses, nannies, and friends as they miss her. Thank you for continuing to care for Kallie through your prayers.

Kallie’s personality is sweet and silly. She can make the most expressive facial expressions that always get us laughing. She’s getting stronger and more independent, and as the weather cools down, her spirits have stayed high, creating joy and smiles every day. Will you pray for Kallie’s health as fall is on the way out, and winter is just around the corner?

Kallie recently celebrated her birthday! We have loved getting to know this sweet and silly girl. She has opened up to us so much this past year, and we’ve seen her conquer many mountains. We’re blessed by her joy and enthusiasm for life, and we are hopeful for what is in store for her future.

Kallie has grown bigger and stronger over the summer. She continues to melt the heart of each and every person she meets. Her joy is magnetic and you can’t help but feel happiness in her presence. She’s recently spent some time playing outside on the playground and she was a big fan! She enjoyed the slide and seesaw most.

Kallie is ready for summer with her sundress and cheerful attitude. Her new favorite game is imitating a nearby friend’s silly sounds and faces. If you stick out your tongue, she is sure to break out her big smile. Make a silly face while you bounce her up and down on your knees, and she’ll be belly laughing before you know it. We can’t get enough of this sweet and silly girl.

Kallie has an easygoing personality and it doesn’t take much to see her smile. She loves to play with others and you can always get a giggle out of her when she swings! Kallie’s smile is bright and endearing. Thank you for your prayers and support for children like Kallie.

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