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Judy-Alexis's Story

5 years old

Spina Bifida

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Meet Judy-Alexis

Judy-Alexis’ bubbly personality keeps us smiling. She’s spunky, outgoing, and can light up a room. She’s a joy to care for, and we love her very much!


Recent Updates

Judy-Alexis had a blast during the Christmas season. She loved playing with tinsel and eating candy canes. Her favorite game to play was tossing the tinsel back and forth with her friends or surprising them by tickling them with it. Judy-Alexis brings so much joy to all those around her. The holidays have amplified her enthusiasm and we can’t get enough of her giggles!

Judy-Alexis recently celebrated her fifth birthday! Everyone who knows her is proud of how far she has come. She lives her life with great tenacity and bravery. Judy-Alexis’ laugh is big, and her heart is even bigger. As she boldly takes on another year, please join us in praying that she—and all other little ones who wait—will soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

Judy-Alexis loves big, and her friends get to experience this firsthand. Christian is one of her best buddies and roommates. They play hard and always have each other’s backs. They like to climb on the playground together, color, or play hide-and-seek in their room. We love to see deep friendships form between the children in our care, and Judy-Alexis has formed beautiful and lasting ones.

Judy-Alexis exudes joy in everything she does. We love to see her enthusiasm shine as she plays in the water during pool day. She loves to splash and play with each of the toys. As she and the other children in our care come to mind, please pray that they would each have the opportunity to soon enter a loving family through adoption.

Judy-Alexis is always ready for a good laugh and eager to find an opportunity to show off her silly side. When people meet her, one of the first things they notice is how expressive she is. There is no language barrier when it comes to playing around, and the addition of silly hats in preschool brings exactly the kind of fun that Judy-Alexis delights in.

Judy-Alexis has graduated from her ZipZac chair to a wheelchair, and we are so proud. She was nervous at first, but with some encouragement from her friends, her strong will, and her desire for adventure, she gave it a try. She now loves her new chair and tells everyone she sees that she is “so tall and fast!” Her chair is also purple, which matches her favorite chair from preschool. Judy-Alexis has an abundance of resilience and strength, wrapped up in dimples and laughter.

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