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John's Story

6 years old

Urinary Tract Condition

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Meet John

John is a very social little guy, and he loves to make friends with people who have glasses so he can wear them. He’s very playful, active, talkative, and altogether wonderful! We never tire of John’s big, bright smile, nor of his matching personality. John is also very smart, and keeps us entertained with his...


Recent Updates

John is one of the most playful little boys we know, and one of his favorite things to do is to swim and play in the water! Lucky for him, his summer was full of pool days. And just recently he was able to go to a big swimming pool at a park nearby. John’s enthusiasm for life is contagious, and we love to watch him play and have fun!

In May we celebrated John’s 6th birthday. Soon after his birthday party, John got to enjoy one of his favorite things—pool day! We’re so grateful to celebrate another year with John, and we are full of hope for what the coming year will hold for him.

Recently, John’s preschool class was learning about emotions by drawing them on faces. John surprised everyone by drawing a moustache on his paper and then a matching one on his face! He keeps us laughing, and we love him very much.

John is growing up fast. We celebrated Chinese New Year at Maria’s Big House of Hope with a party full of laughter and jiǎozi (Chinese dumplings). John was the life of the party! He kept us all entertained by playing the drums and parading around with a paper dragon.

John is having a great time playing ball outside with older kids a few times a week. He’s getting really good at kicking the ball, and he’s so proud of himself! His smile is brighter than the sun, and we love him very much.

We had a great time welcoming the Fall season at Maria’s with a festival. The children had fun dressing up in costumes and collecting treats like candy, stickers, and bubbles from different caregivers around the room. John was a very handsome cowboy complete with a hat, chaps, a vest, and a badge! He had such a great time.

One of John’s favorite things to do is sing. Currently, his favorite song is “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen,” and Veggie Tale’s “Barbara Manatee.” As soon as he’s finished one song, he moves to the next. John is anything but shy, and he belts out his songs everywhere he goes!

Recently John took his first field trip to McDonald’s. As soon as we walked in and he saw the ice cream, he was sold! He patiently waited while he ate his hamburger and french fries, then as soon as the ice cream came he was in heaven. He even finished off some of his friends’ ice cream too!

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