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Jesse's Story


Cerebral palsy

Meet Jesse

Jesse loves to cuddle and sing songs, and he giggles a lot whenever he plays outside. He also loves it when someone blows cool air on his face. He thinks it’s hilarious and it’s a guaranteed way to get a smile out of him! We love Jesse very much, and are so thankful for the...


Recent Updates

Jesse has returned to the care of his guardian orphanage and we miss him a great deal. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to love and care for him, and we’ll continue to keep him in our prayers as he transitions.

Jesse enjoyed Easter eggs and lollipops while hanging out with friends on Easter Sunday. We had a great time celebrating all that Easter means alongside these precious children, and are so grateful for Jesse and the picture of hope that he is!

We painted with Jesse recently. He was pretty uncertain about whether he liked to paint at first, but he eventually came around and enjoyed making polka dots on the canvas!

Jesse danced along to the guitars as we sang Christmas songs to him and his friends! He enjoyed every minute of it. We also celebrated Christmas by making homemade ornaments with each of the children, and proudly hung Jesse’s masterpiece on the tree!

We just celebrated fall with a festival for the kids, and they loved it. Jesse wasn’t thrilled with his Elmo costume’s hat, so he chose not to wear it during the party, but he had a good time nonetheless! He sat so still while he had a pumpkin painted on his face, and he enjoyed going to all the different booths.

We just had the opportunity to celebrate Jesse turning 10 years old! Jesse is a special little boy, and it’s our joy to celebrate him. He loved eating chocolate cake at his party, and he’s a big fan of his new stuffed animal toy! Knowing and loving Jesse is a privilege.

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