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Jeremy's Story

3 years old

Congenital Heart Disease

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Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is adorable and curious. He loves his nannies and friends and enjoys playing catch. He is so much fun!


Recent Updates

Jeremy has had so much fun this holiday season. From making ornaments in preschool, to enjoying fun Christmas photo shoots and caroling in his room, we have seen so much joy from him. Will you join in praying that he, and all children who wait, will soon have the opportunity to enter the love and permanency a family through adoption?

Jeremy’s greatest loves are cupcakes and parties! He’s the first in line when there is a celebration and he always fully participates in the activities. He gets so excited when bubbles fill the air, and he usually asks for more than one treat. If Jeremy is attending the party, fun will definitely be had!

Jeremy has so much fun with his nannies. They love to play games with him and ask for his help with the other children. He especially likes to play catch with bouncy balls. When the ball flies through the air, Jeremy’s giggle lights up the room. It’s a sound we are forever grateful to hear.

Jeremy has met some new friends this summer and in true Jeremy spirit, he won them over with his giant smile and sweetness right away. Together, they’ve been playing with building blocks and going for walks, and it makes us happy to see him and his friends getting along so well.

Jeremy recently had a birthday! It was exactly the kind of event that gets him smiling the most. He loved the bubbles and chocolate cupcakes, and he laughed when his nanny put a sticker on his forehead. We love the way Jeremy’s smile goes all the way up to his eyes.

Jeremy is able to spend time in the big playroom at Maria’s Big House of Hope and he loves to try out all the toys. His favorite playtime activity has been riding the cars, and with the new addition of a race track on the floor, he could spend the whole day riding around the track. We are encouraged by Jeremy’s perseverance.

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