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Janeir's Story


Club Foot

Meet Janeir

Janeir is adventurous and playful. He is sometimes shy around new friends, but once he warms up you’ll see his fun, cute personality shine.


Recent Updates

Sweet Janeir recently left our care to return to his guardian orphanage. Will you please pray with us for his transition? We believe one of his greatest needs is a family, and so we pray this door will open to him soon. We are grateful to have been able to care for Janeir, and we miss him very much.

It’s summertime, and Janeir loves the sunshine! He is active, loves to run around, and likes to make new friends when he’s playing outside. He’s such an outgoing and friendly little boy!

The older Janeir grows, the busier he becomes! It’s lots of fun watching his personality develop. Janeir is very playful and silly, and loves playing with his friends and nannies.

Janeir loves to walk around, even when he has to wear braces to help with his feet. He’s proven over and over to be resilient and strong. Janeir doesn’t let anything stand in his way! We’re so proud of Janeir, and hope that he would soon have the opportunity to enter the love and protection of a family.

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