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Huck's Story


Spina Bifida, Cleft Palate

Meet Huck

Huck’s adorable giggle is contagious, which only encourages more tickling! We cannot get enough of him and his sparkly eyes and kissable cheeks.


Recent Updates

We have great news! Huck recently joined his family through adoption. As he settles into their arms, will you join us in praying for the many transitions he faces? Please also pray for his friends and nannies at the Care Centers, as he is already greatly missed. Thank you for helping make this day possible for Huck through your faithful and generous support.

As Huck grows, his imagination and personality continue to expand. He’s silly and smart, always coming up with a way to make you laugh. He loves to ride on his friends’ backs or play peekaboo. His nannies enjoy teaching him fun dance moves, then giggling and clapping with pride when he shows others what he’s learned. Our hope is for Huck to soon share all these things and more with a family through adoption.

Huck was so excited to dye Easter eggs in his preschool class. He was amazed at the color transformation and couldn’t contain his giggles watching the other children dye their eggs, too. Listening to his laugh had the whole room laughing. Holidays are more fun with Huck!

Huck has gained more independence and his nannies are having a hard time keeping up with him. He loves to take the lead when walking down the hallway to preschool and his nannies quickly scurry behind. Although he’s on the move, Huck’s favorite mode of transportation is still the ride-on scooter in the playroom.

Huck had so much fun at our Chinese New Year celebration. His nannies loved showing him how to eat traditional dumplings, which he enjoyed, but not as much as the sugar cookies. We are blessed to celebrate this special holiday with children like Huck!

Huck kept the room smiling in his adorable sheep costume at our annual Christmas nativity. He giggled in delight as he watched his friends scamper around the room, and gladly soaked up all of the attention whenever he was in the spotlight. We love celebrating with Huck!

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