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Huck's Story

2 years old

Spina Bifida, Cleft Palate

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Meet Huck

Huck’s adorable giggle is contagious, which only encourages more tickling! We cannot get enough of him and his sparkly eyes and kissable cheeks.


Recent Updates

Huck is now 2 years old! We are so happy to get to celebrate his life and all the joy he brings. He had a wonderful birthday filled with cupcakes, balloons, bubbles, and more. We are praying big prayers for this next year of Huck’s life, and we are honored to care for him!

Huck is gaining more and more independence as the summer continues, and we love to watch as he explores the playroom and preschool! His nannies adore him, and he’s happiest in their arms or walking beside them as they hold his hands. We’re cheering him on as he grows into a confident toddler.

Huck is loving his summer days! He’s already gone swimming twice, and although he was pretty hesitant of the water at first, he grew to love it as long as his friend held on tightly. It’s so much fun introducing Huck to new things!

Huck’s favorite toy in preschool is the yellow recorder instrument! He doesn’t like to make noise with it, but rather prefers to spin it around and laugh at it, which we find adorable. Huck is all kinds of cute!

Huck’s nannies adore him and lovingly call him “xiǎo bāo zǐ,” which means “small dumpling.” Huck is such a fun little boy, and we love watching him grow!

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