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Hadassah's Story


Cerebral palsy

Meet Hadassah

Hadassah is a sweet girl who loves to be sung to and tickled. She has a kind disposition and sweet personality, and it is our great joy to care for her!


Recent Updates

Hadassah has returned to her guardian orphanage. We are missing her, but are so grateful to have known, loved, and cared for her. Hadassah has a beautiful and gentle spirit, a winning smile, and a tender heart full of love. One of our greatest hopes and prayers is that she would have the opportunity to know the love and protection of a family through adoption. Would you join us in this prayer?

Hadassah has made a new discovery—she likes to paint! She has always enjoyed craft time in preschool, but she recently helped paint a special project and enjoyed it! Hadassah is such a sweet little girl, and we love spending time with her and teaching her new things.

One of Hadassah’s favorite parts of the day is preschool. She loves sitting next to her best friend, Jackson, as they read books and play musical instruments. We’re so thankful Hadassah has the opportunity to attend preschool classes—one of the countless ways your generosity impacts the lives of these amazing children. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Hadassah loved celebrating Christmas! She enjoyed listening to everyone sing Christmas carols in her room, and her preschool classes were full of fun Christmas crafts.

We never tire of Hadassah’s beautiful smile, and she wore it all throughout our Fall Festival! She dressed up in a ballerina costume and went with her nanny through the fun booths. She loved the tickle of the paintbrush as she had a ladybug painted on her face! It’s our joy to celebrate with these kids, and we had a ton of fun celebrating the fall season with them!

It’s fall in Luoyang, and Hadassah and her preschool class have welcomed the new season by celebrating China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and making autumn crafts. Hadassah always enjoys craft time, and she had fun helping her teacher decorate Chinese lanterns and autumn leaves with paint dabbers!

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