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Ferris's Story


Gastrointestinal Condition

Meet Ferris

Ferris is curious and brave. He keeps us entertained with his adventurous spirit.


Recent Updates

We are happy to announce the recent news of Ferris’ adoption! Thank you for praying for Ferris. One of our greatest hopes is for the children in our care to know the love of a family through adoption. We ask for continued prayers for Ferris and his family in this transition—that they would find deep connection together and love each other well.

Celebrating the holidays with Ferris has been a delight. Ferris’ cheerful personality makes the festivities extra sweet. We are reminded of the hope and promise of the season as we spend this time with Ferris, and we are praying big prayers for him in the coming year!

Ferris is growing, and his silly side has started to blossom! His new favorite pastime is dancing around his room, bobbing his head back and forth as his nannies clap their hands and cheer him on! He eats up all the attention that his adorable scrunched nose and endearing smile give him. He recently transitioned to our Beijing Care Center and he’s enjoying showing his new friends his dance moves!

Ferris recently entered preschool! He’s been all smiles right from the first day. He loves exploring the classroom, checking out new toys, and learning new songs. He enjoys snack time the most, and is quickly learning how to sign “more” and “please.” We are so excited for Ferris to join in on all of the fun that preschool provides for the sweet children at Maria’s Big House of Hope!

Ferris is intrigued by the world around him. He carefully inspects everything in his room with eyes full of wonder. Ferris recently got to participate in pool day, and we loved watching him splash around with all the pool toys. Please join us in praying for Ferris to soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

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