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Ellis's Story


Condition that affects his arms and legs

Meet Ellis

Ellis is curious and fun. He is resilient and strong, and we love him so much!


Recent Updates

We are sad to share that Ellis recently returned to his guardian orphanage. We miss his giggle and his cheerful attitude. We feel privileged to have been able to care for him. We ask for prayers for him during this transition, and for continued prayers that he will soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

Ellis has had so much fun preparing for Easter. In preschool, his class has been making a lot of fun crafts and decorations. Ellis’ favorite was the felt eggs that he decorated with stickers. He laughed so hard when the stickers would get stuck on his fingers. We love celebrating these small joys with Ellis.

Ellis recently turned 3 years old. He had so much fun at his birthday party, blowing out the candles and enjoying cupcakes and stickers with his friends. He beamed with delight as his nanny blew bubbles for him. We are proud of the sweet boy Ellis has grown into, and we are continually grateful to care for him.

Ellis was the cutest donkey at our annual nativity! He jumped right into the festivities, loving his costume and showing it off to his friends with a smile on his face. We are praying for Ellis in the new year—for him to continue to grow healthy and strong, and to soon know the love of a family through adoption.

Ellis doesn’t let anything stop him! He recently transitioned to the Beijing Care Center, and he’s fit right into life with his new friends and nannies. He loves the trampoline in the playground, and has quickly befriended the older boys in his room, scooching over to play with them as he holds out his arm for a high-five! We are so proud of Ellis!

Seeing Ellis grow into his personality this summer has been such a joy to watch. He is silly and so smart! He loves preschool, and has recently figured out how to do the stacking rings and the shape sorter with very little help from his teacher. We are amazed and encouraged by Ellis and all that he can and will accomplish!

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