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Ekon's Story

3 years old

Down Syndrome, Gastrointestinal condition

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Meet Ekon

Ekon is cuddly and playful. He is dearly loved by those around him. Ekon has wise eyes, and sweet baby dimples on his fingers. We are so thankful for the opportunity to love and care for his needs during this formative period of his life.


Recent Updates

Ekon loves the playground more than anything else. He runs around as fast as he can, and he’s a champ at climbing all the way to the top of the play fixture’s stairs. Ekon likes to slide down the slide and race his friends while his nannies cheer him on! If he’s not on the big play-set, then Ekon is riding on the toy cars or jumping on the trampoline. We are proud of Ekon, and love to watch him play.

Ekon loves to imitate his older friends. He thinks they’re so funny, and when they act silly or play games he tries to do it just like them. Ekon brings his own personality to whatever it is he’s attempting and it’s endearing to see his dance moves, silly faces, and made-up games.

Ekon is really expanding his play and it’s adorable to watch. We are impressed by his dexterity and determination. He loves to build with blocks and roll balls back and forth with a friend. He’s inquisitive and spends a lot of time studying toys to see how they work. We pray he will soon have the opportunity to share play and discoveries in the nurture and love of a family through adoption.

Ekon loves exploring the outdoors. His nanny takes him to the playground where he can run around and climb up the stairs. He was a little nervous on the slide at first, but with the encouragement of his nanny, he can now go down all by himself. He’s so brave, and we are very proud of the mountains Ekon has climbed.

Ekon recently celebrated turning 3 years old. We are so proud of who he is becoming as his little personality develops. His tenacity encourages us daily. For his celebration he enjoyed cupcakes with his friends, blowing bubbles, and dancing. We are praying big prayers for his future, and we are honored to care for him. Happy Birthday, Ekon!

We love to celebrate the holidays with Ekon. He reflects the joy of the season, and we adore him. Decorating the tree was one of his favorite activities, and seeing his face light up as he placed the ornaments was a delight for everyone. One of our greatest hopes is for Ekon to know the love of a family through adoption. Will you join us in this prayer?

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