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Ekon's Story

2 years old

Down Syndrome, Gastrointestinal condition

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Meet Ekon

Ekon is cuddly and playful. He is dearly loved by those around him. Ekon has wise eyes, and sweet baby dimples on his fingers. We are so thankful for the opportunity to love and care for his needs during this formative period of his life.


Recent Updates

Ekon is growing up big and strong, and we have been so encouraged by his determination! He loves to keep up with the older boys in his room. He’s started to mimic their every move and runs after them in the playground—helping push them on the swing or hopping on a toy car to chase them down the sidewalk. Still, he always finds time to hurry back to his nannies for some sweet snuggles!

Ekon has a smile that can brighten anyone’s day. He recently discovered how much he loves birthday cake at one of his friend’s birthday parties. The joy he poured out at the party was contagious. Ekon reminds us how important it is to find contentment in the small things of life. Please join us in praying that he would soon have the opportunity to enter the love and nurture of a family through adoption.

Ekon’s days have been full of new discoveries lately! He discovered how much he loves french fries on his trip to McDonald’s (he made sure his hands were full of them at all times!), and he discovered his love for preschool! He recently started classes, and he loved it from day one. We’re so proud of Ekon, and love watching his joy as he learns new things.

How cute is Ekon in his bunny ears and face paint! He melts our hearts every day, and Easter day was no different! We hunted Easter eggs in front of Maria’s, and Ekon insisted on being carried because he doesn’t like the grass. We loved celebrating the hope of Easter with the children at Maria’s Big House of Hope!

Ekon just celebrated his 2nd birthday with his friends. There were lots of balloons and, much to his delight, cupcakes! It’s easy to celebrate Ekon and it is an honor to love and care for him—not to mention so much fun. It’s our prayer that this year his greatest need would be met and he would be able to enter a loving family through adoption!

Ekon made the cutest Christmas baby! He recently moved back to Maria’s Big House of Hope where we had fun celebrating Christmas by making Christmas ornaments and singing carols. Ekon is a happy little guy, and he brings us so much joy!

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