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Dondeena's Story

3 years old

Nervous system condition, eye condition

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Meet Dondeena

Dondeena is a happy little girl. She loves close face-to-face interaction, and she’s very ticklish! When Dondeena is held, her face immediately breaks into a big smile and she squirms around joyfully. She’s quick to make friends and we are so grateful to be able to love and care for her!


Recent Updates

We love our physical therapy team at our Care Centers, and are incredibly grateful for their work. Lately, Dondeena has been benefitting from some new equipment that is helping her muscles and bones to grow stronger.

It recently snowed in Luoyang, and the children at Maria’s Big House of Hope enjoyed a cozy day inside watching the snow fall. Since then, we’ve been thankful for a little bit of warmer weather which has allowed Dondeena and her friends to enjoy afternoon walks in the sunshine!

We recently celebrated Dondeena’s 3rd birthday! We celebrated with a fun party complete with yellow-frosted cupcakes, a lot of balloons, stickers for all, and the company of many friends. We love being able to celebrate birthdays with these precious children, and we’re hoping for big things for Dondeena’s 3rd year. She is such a special little girl whose spunk keeps us smiling!

Dondeena is such a sweet girl. It’s hard not to join in when she giggles, and her bright smile is contagious! We love her very much.

It’s been a good summer for Dondeena at Maria’s Big House of Hope! She has had a great time making friends with the visitors from Show Hope’s sponsor and student teams! Her personality is blossoming more and more, and she’s becoming more interactive with those around her.

We’re also excited to have welcomed a new physical therapist to Maria’s earlier this summer. This is exciting for Dondeena because she will be able to benefit greatly from her physical therapy sessions.

Dondeena has really enjoyed moving back into Maria’s Big House of Hope from our mini-Maria’s. In early June she will be able to begin physical therapy again, and we know she will benefit greatly! We are looking forward to watching as she continues to grow and develop.

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