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Delfina's Story

5 years old

Down Syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease

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Meet Delfina

Delfina brings us great joy. She is a spirited and sweet girl with lots of personality and snuggles to share.


Recent Updates

Delfina loved celebrating the holiday season with her nannies and friends. She especially enjoyed dressing up in festive hats and playing with jingle bells. We were delighted to spend the holidays with Delfina and all the other children in our care. Thank you for your support and prayers which help make this time of year even more special.

Delfina just turned 5 years old. We are blessed to have the gift of knowing, celebrating, and loving her. She is full of joy and everything sweet. We are praying that Delfina soon has the opportunity to celebrate these milestones with a family through adoption. Because of your prayers and support, we are able to create sweet memories for the children in our care like Delfina. Thank you!

Delfina loves getting her picture taken. Immediately after seeing the camera she will get in front of it and pose or flash a great big smile. Once the photos are finished, Delfina usually asks to see the pictures by plopping down on the photographer’s lap and pointing to the camera. Delfina has a big smile and an even bigger personality. We love getting to know her.

Delfina is a sweetheart. This summer she has matured and learned about stretching her imagination and playing with others. She likes to build and stack blocks, read books, and play outside. Watching Delfina explore the world around her is a joy, and between her wonderful hugs and loving pats on the back, she’s won over all of our hearts.

Delfina is growing up and her nannies are the first ones to show everyone all the ways she’s progressing. They love sharing about how smart, strong, and adorable she is. Delfina is everything her nannies see in her and more. Please pray with us that Delfina, and all the children around the world who continue to wait, will soon have the opportunity to enter the love of a family through adoption.

Delfina’s enthusiasm for life is endearing. Whenever you introduce her to a new toy or game, she doesn’t hesitate to join in on the fun. Popping bubbles is her current favorite activity and the joy she exudes is contagious.

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