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David's Story

10 years old

Cerebral Palsy

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Meet David

David is a darling boy with a kind heart and sweet smile. We are honored to have the gift of caring for him!


Recent Updates

David’s smile rarely fades, even on the quietest of days. His nannies are blessed by his beautiful spirit and kind soul. All who meet him are better for it, and we are honored to be sharing some of his story with you. David’s nurses say he is doing well and continues to bring joy to his room. We’re grateful for your support and for the progress David continues to show!

David had the opportunity to join in on a sensory playday, and he absolutely loved it. He painted, felt the texture of cotton balls, and read touch and feel books. We love seeing children like David experience new and interesting things, and we are honored to get to share in these experiences with him.

David is getting into the spirit of the season by listening to Christmas music in preschool and giggling as his teacher loudly sings along to the songs. David’s joy is always present, and he especially loves being in class. We’re so thankful to spend this time with him.

David looked very handsome in his cowboy costume at our recent Fall Festival. Everyone commented on how adorable he was and he beamed with joy. David’s favorite part was the delicious pudding the children had as a treat. He was sad when his cup was finished, so he was excited when he saw his nanny go get him a second helping!

David is thriving in physical therapy. He loves to work hard and he beams with pride when he accomplishes something new. Sometimes, David’s physical therapist will call a friend into the room, and as soon as David sees them he will hold his head up high and smile or burst into giggles. We love to see David so excited to learn new things, and we’re just as proud of him as he is of himself.

David recently celebrated his 10th birthday! We are so proud of how far he’s come in the time we’ve known him. He is a light to all he meets, and his smile and laughter make all of our days brighter. Will you pray for David this year as he continues to grow?

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