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Daniel's Story

2 years old

Inherited Condition - Maple Syrup Urine Disease

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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a sweet boy who loves to cozy up in the arms of his nannies. His little laugh brings such joy, and we love caring for him.


Recent Updates

Daniel is a cuddle-bug. He loves snuggling up to his nannies and they enjoy it just as much. Daniel gives the sweetest hugs and is content just sitting on his nannies’ laps. Thank you for helping support children like Daniel, who we are so honored to care for.

Daniel gets stronger by the day. He’s continuing to make a lot of progress with the help of his nannies and physical therapist. They all practice standing with him, and he does a great job. When not working hard on standing, Daniel spends his time crawling around the room at an impressively fast pace. But he always stops in his tracks if he hears music from his favorite TV show!

Daniel had the opportunity to join his friends at pool day. He loved playing in the water with his hands and stomping his feet to make big splashes. We were happy to have him join in the fun and by the smile on his face, we know he was delighted as well.

Daniel has been learning how to stand and walk. We are amazed by the progress he continues to make by leaps and bounds in both physical therapy and play. His nannies are proud of him and cheer him on daily.

Daniel had a great time at the Easter party. He enjoyed all of the attention, and he looked adorable with his painted face and bunny ears. Daniel’s sweet spirit and resilience remind us of the redemption and hope of the season.

Daniel is doing well in physical therapy. He has become stronger over the past couple of months, and practices his motor skills daily. He loves to show off what he’s learned to his nannies. Daniel never ceases to amaze us!

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