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Daniel's Story

3 years old

Inherited Condition - Maple Syrup Urine Disease

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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a sweet boy who loves to cozy up in the arms of his nannies. His little laugh brings such joy, and we love caring for him.


Recent Updates

Daniel is one of the happiest little boys, and his nannies delight in his presence. He has been working hard at learning how to stand, and he’s getting faster using his walker. We are proud of Daniel, and the smile on his face always brings one to ours.

Daniel has discovered a love for fidgets and small toys. He has enjoyed spending time in the playroom and experiencing fidget spinners, velcro, and bells. We love to see children discover new ways of play, and Daniel is doing just that. Seeking different textures, sounds, and sights is an amazing way to help development.

Daniel recently turned 3 years old. He has shown great strength and resilience during his time in care, and we feel honored to have watched him grow. He is the entertainer in his room—always getting a giggle from his friends or nannies. His silly personality is one of the things we love most about him. Will you pray for good health and protection as Daniel begins another year?

Daniel has enjoyed the holiday season with his nannies and friends. His nanny loves to snuggle and play with him, and she thought he looked adorable in his Santa hat. We feel blessed to care for children like Daniel, making memories and sharing in the joy of the season!

Daniel’s nannies are his biggest cheerleaders when it comes to trying something new. He’s been learning how to cruise around his room, and his nannies are quick to help him. He gains more independence and confidence with each day. We’ve enjoyed watching Daniel grow into a playful toddler. He especially likes to play with his small toy car and stacking cups!

Daniel is a cuddle-bug. He loves snuggling up to his nannies and they enjoy it just as much. Daniel gives the sweetest hugs and is content just sitting on his nannies’ laps. Thank you for helping support children like Daniel, who we are so honored to care for.

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