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Bridgett's Story


Down Syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease

Meet Bridgett

Bridgett is one of the happiest little girls we know! She’s a social butterfly, and brings joy with her everywhere she goes.


Recent Updates

Our hearts are full as we announce Bridgett’s recent adoption! We are thrilled to know she will now be able to share all of the love and joy in her big heart with her family. Thank you for your generous prayers and support as we have cared for Bridgett. We invite you to celebrate this wonderful news, and ask for continued prayers for peace and comfort as she transitions into her family.

Bridgett is becoming more independent by the day. We are so proud of her determination. Before she goes to school, Bridgett’s nanny will ask her to find her coat and shoes. Once she does, Bridgett is able to dress herself with just a little bit of help from her nanny. We love watching Bridgett continue to blossom.

Bridgett had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays! She loved clapping along to the Christmas carols, giggled with glee when she tried on festive hats, and made sure she was first in line for candy canes. We love celebrating with Bridgett, and we look forward to ringing in the new year with her.

Bridgett is as sweet and spunky as ever, and her nannies have so much fun with her! She likes to play “teacher” and will gather the other children in the room to sit in a circle, then she’ll have them mimic her dance moves. The nannies sit nearby to cheer the children on as they practice! We’re always so encouraged by Bridgett’s leadership and determination.

Clever Bridgett has been learning sign language this year, and it’s inspiring to see how many signs she can do! Currently, her favorite sign is “yucky.” She puts her hand under her chin and wiggles her fingers, then giggles as her nannies praise her. We are so proud of Bridgett’s determination!

Bridgett was the queen of pool day! As soon as she entered the water, she initiated splashing games with her friends. She found a water gun and asked every person at pool day if she could squirt them with her new toy. Bridgett contributes a playful, entertaining presence everywhere she goes.

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