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Bailey's Story

5 years old

Inherited condition that affects the formation of the face and head

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Meet Bailey

Bailey loves making new friends! He is five years old and is outgoing and friendly. In preschool, Bailey enjoys dancing to music and participating in craft time. He is one of the happiest little guys we know, and it is our great joy to love and care for him as his sweet personality blooms more...


Recent Updates

There are many things we love about Bailey. Among them are his curiosity and playfulness. In his preschool class, there is a toy barn with lots of doors, and Bailey loves to open them and explore what’s inside.

Bailey is a sweetheart, and makes us smile all the time. Lately, he’s really enjoyed playing with the train table in the preschool room!

Bailey is having a great fall! We celebrated the season with an autumn festival where the children dressed up in costumes, listened to fun music, made a cute pumpkin craft, and got to collect treats like candy, bubbles, and stickers from different caregivers around the room. The kids loved it, and Bailey dressed up as a superhero complete with a cute eye-mask and an awesome cape. He had the best time snacking on the candy and taking in the many festivities.

Bailey is enjoying days full of time in preschool, trips outside to enjoy the cooler weather, and fun with his friends in the playroom. Bailey especially loves to play in the ball pit. He is so cute when he pops up on the side of the pit and hangs on to the edge to check out what’s going on in the rest of the room. His curiosity really is boundless!

A few weeks ago Bailey went on his first trip to McDonald’s. He was unsure of the hamburger, but he loved the french fries! He had a great time with his friends taking in the fun and different atmosphere.


Bailey is having a blast this summer! He had an especially great time swimming on pool days. He loves to sit in someone’s lap and splash around and play with the spongy pool balls.

Bailey wears the biggest smile whenever he’s outside with his preschool class, and he has learned to love painting (although he was a little unsure about his foot being painted for a footprint project)! Bailey continues to get better at walking with assistance, and he is growing so big!

The child profiles listed on this website are solely shared in an effort to provide our donors and sponsors with a glimpse of the unique beauty and dignity inherent to each child who comes into our care. They are in no way intended to be a complete or up-to-date substitute for referral information given by a licensed adoption agency. Out of a desire to honor and protect each child's privacy, we focus our sponsorship reports on the positive aspects of the child’s daily life, and not the serious medical challenges many of the children face, as this type of information is confidential and only available through officially sanctioned adoption channels.

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