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Amity's Story


Cerebral Palsy

Meet Amity

Amity radiates joy! Her belly laughs echo through the halls of Maria’s Big House of Hope, and it is an honor to care for her.


Recent Updates

Amity recently returned to her guardian orphanage. Although we miss her dearly, we feel so honored to have had the opportunity to know and love her. The joy and life she brings to others is abundant, and her resilience continues to inspire us. Our greatest hope and prayer is for Amity to know the love and security of a family through adoption. Please pray for this as well as her transition.

Amity loved our Easter celebration, and as she does with every event, she jumped into all of the festivities with joy. Face painting, wearing silly bunny ears, decorating cookies, and hunting for eggs. It was all exciting! We pray she will soon have the opportunity to share these celebrations with a family through adoption.

Amity has made huge strides in the past few months. She has been working hard in physical therapy, and asks to walk every day with the help of a physical therapist or friend. She recently received a walker, and squeals with delight at the sight of it. Her determination continues to amaze us!

Amity was thrilled to celebrate Chinese New Year. She had the opportunity to attend a party with her friends where she made a festive crown, tried some traditional New Year’s dumplings (her favorite), and tasted as many cookies as she could! There isn’t much that Amity doesn’t find joy in, so celebrating the holidays with her was a delight.

The holidays were a little sweeter with Amity around, and we couldn’t help but smile as we watched her soak in all the fun. Christmas caroling was her favorite activity of the season. Hearing her squeal with glee at the start of each new song filled the room with joy. Will you join us as we pray for Amity to soon enter into a loving family through adoption?

Amity recently celebrated turning 8 years old! She was beaming throughout the entire party, and wore her birthday crown proudly. She fully engaged in all the activities, which included learning how to blow into a noisemaker, and her nannies and friends had so much fun watching her squeal with excitement as the cupcakes were brought out! It is a joy to celebrate Amity.

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