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Addie's Story


Spina Bifida

Meet Addie

Addie is a sweet and sassy little girl who loves to play with the other children in her room, and greets people with her big, bright smile. Addie loves to color and paint, and she especially loves to look at books.


Recent Updates

We have wonderful news! Addie was recently adopted and arrived home with her family just in time for Christmas! Caring for Addie was a joy, and we are so thankful for the privilege of knowing her. Please pray that all the transitions Addie and her family are walking through together will be marked with peace, love, and a deep connection.

Though she was unsure at first about how much she liked dressing up for the Fall Festival at Maria’s Big House of Hope, Addie did end up enjoying the party alongside her friends. She dressed up as Minnie Mouse and one of her friends and classmates dressed up as Mickey. She loved her pink balloon flower from the balloon booth, and she happily munched on her cookie as she posed for photos with her nanny at the photo booth. What a fun day!

Addie spends her days playing in the playroom, taking trips outside, and attending preschool. At preschool, she likes circle time the best. They sing songs and talk about the calendar and the weather of the day. Addie’s cute and spunky personality shows more every day. We love you, Addie!

Addie has had a busy summer full of swimming outside, new friends, preschool, and lots of fun. She is a bright spot in our lives! Addie’s preschool teacher says she’s prone to big smiles and giggles during class. Although she is sometimes shy, Addie loves to sing, and lately painting has been her favorite activity.

A music teacher recently visited our preschool classes in Beijing. The children enjoyed playing different instruments, singing songs, and listening to stories accompanied by music. Addie was mesmerized by how all the instruments worked, especially the “ratchet noisemaker.” She helped the teacher turn its handle and watched the mechanisms move and make noise. She was completely enthralled!

Addie suddenly seems to be growing up. She is a treasure, and we are thankful for the gift of caring for her. Addie recently transitioned to our Care Center in Beijing with one of her best friends, and together they are doing well! Please join us in praying that both children will soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

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