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Abraham's Story


Gastrointestinal condition

Meet Abraham

Abraham is a sweet and cuddly boy. He is lovable and easy-going. Abraham likes to be around people and enjoys spending time outside.  


Recent Updates

Sweet Abraham recently left our care to return to his guardian orphanage. Will you please pray with us for his transition? We believe his greatest need is a family, and pray this door will open to him soon. We are so grateful to have been able to care for Abraham, and we will miss him very much.

Abraham moved to Maria’s Big House of Hope just in time to celebrate Christmas! He looked adorable in his Santa hat as he snacked on a candy cane and listened to everyone sing Christmas songs and play the guitar—which he really enjoyed. Abraham also joined in as we made Christmas ornaments with the kids. He had a Christmas season full of lots of cheer!

Abraham has the best twinkle in his eyes! He is very playful, and especially loves toy cars and trucks. Abraham also enjoys watching shows that have a lot of music. He sways to the music as he stands and watches. He’s such a cutie.

Abraham is shy, but he has a big heart. We see it in his love for his nannies. As Abraham grows, so does his curiosity. He enjoys roaming around his room and saying “hi” to his friends!

Abraham always has fun playing with his friends and clings close to them. He is very observant, and as he grows he learns a lot by watching other children. Abraham loves to eat, and noodles are his favorite!

As Abraham grows into a toddler, he continues to charm us all. He has plenty of smiles for his nannies, and he looks like such a big boy as he walks around.

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