Chapman Birthday Challenge

October 31, 2018 | Posted In Donate Birthday | Share

Hey, y’all! It’s Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman. The month of November is full of celebrations in the Chapman household. Not only is Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, but both of us are turning a year older! And there’s really nothing we’d love more than to invite you into celebrating our birthdays with us by sharing something very dear to our hearts.

There are millions of children who have been orphaned around the world, and Show Hope is working to break down the barriers between waiting children and loving families. This year, we’re donating our birthdays to the work of Show Hope, but here’s the twist!

We’re calling it the Chapman Birthday Challenge, and we’re competing through the month of November to see who can raise the most money. It’s a friendly competition (for the most part—we’re both fierce competitors), and we need your help!

We’ll keep you updated throughout the month on who’s winning (and who’s losing)! Be sure to follow Show Hope on Instagram and Facebook, and follow along on both of our Instagram accounts as well: @mbchap232 and @stevencurtischapman.

May the best Chapman win! 🙂

One question remains: are you Team Mary Beth or Team Steven?

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