December Spotlight: Justice

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Justice’s favorite thing is to bake, so it was inevitable that he would love making Christmas cookies. We happily put on Christmas music and baked in the glow of Christmas lights and all kinds of Christmas cheer. No matter if it’s making pretend food in the playroom kitchen (his restaurant is the best in town!) or making up a batch of Christmas cookies, Justice loves to put on his chef hat and get to work. And he looks adorable in it, so we happily oblige.

He giggled as he poured sugar and flour into a bowl and stirred all the ingredients together, preferably with a spatula, not a whisk. He squealed and held his hands over his ears as the mixer’s beaters made lots of noise. Justice likes to keep his workspace clean, so, with dots of flour all over his face, he continuously wiped up his table and frequently asked to wash his hands. He takes his baking very seriously!

Justice loves to drink milk, and what goes better with cookies than milk? While making cookies he would stop his busyness to take a milk break and then promptly get back to baking. Even though he loved mixing the ingredients, his favorite part was cutting the shapes into the dough. He squished his fingers into the dough, and he laughed with excitement whenever we put the shapes onto the baking sheet.

We finished off Justice’s Christmas cookies with icing and sprinkles, and although he liked baking them way better than eating them, he loved sharing them with his friends.

We love Justice’s big and wonderful personality! He’s an amazing kid, through and through. It was so much fun baking Christmas cookie together.

Merry Christmas!

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