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The elevator dinged as it reached the fourth floor of Maria’s Big House of Hope. The doors slid open and Kellan zoomed out in his ZipZac, a special type of wheelchair designed specifically for children with spina bifida.

He rounded the corner and turned left down a hallway, trailed closely by his nanny, who made sure that Kellan avoided running into anything in his enthusiasm. At the end of the hallway he turned into a door on the right, smiling from ear to ear. Kellan rolled up to a table in the preschool room at Maria’s, ready for one of his favorite times of the day.

There’s nothing inherently monumental about that story. But that story matters. It matters because Kellan is able to move around freely with the help of medical technology, be watched over lovingly by a caretaker, and learn in a preschool. These are things that will help Kellan thrive. And each of those three things are only possible because of generous Show Hope donors.

Your gifts make these moments possible. Right now, during this time of year, you have the chance to make a big impact—to play your helping children living as orphans. You can do this through the Gifts of Hope catalog.

Through the catalog, you are able to support many different areas of Show Hope’s work. But no matter which area you choose, or how much you are able to give, this will be true: You are helping change lives.

Will you give the gift of hope this Christmas?

Click here to see the catalog!

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