Broken and Beautiful

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We try to avoid sad things.

This is a basic fact about people. We spend a lot of time trying to be happy. We try dodge sadness, anxiety, and the tough parts of life. It’s a natural and completely understandable drive.

However, it is a tendency we have to fight against, especially when we are talking about orphan care, adoption, and the needs of vulnerable children.

Adoption is a beautiful act of love that brings a child into a family. It proves that family is more than blood, and you don’t have to look like someone else to love them. It should be celebrated!

But we cannot forget that all adoptions begin in a place of loss.

In order for any child to be in a position where they need to be adopted, they have to have experienced a great loss. To ignore this aspect of their journey is to close our eyes to this reality, in essence protecting ourselves to the detriment of the children we seek to protect and serve.

Our tendency to avoid sadness will ultimately tempt us away from stepping into these hard places with our children. We have to fight against that urge in order to do our part in helping to bring hope and healing in their lives. We have to hold the pain and the beauty together, acknowledging both, so that our children can also learn to handle both aspects of life.

Thankfully, we have been given a leader to follow in this fight. His name is Jesus.

When Jesus entered into the world, he ran headfirst into the sadness, the brokenness, and the despair. He loved the sick, the hard, and the difficult. Jesus’ life is a testament to the heart of God, and his heart is one that does not ignore the hard parts of life. In fact, we see over and over again that it is in the very midst of brokenness that God has chosen to reveal himself.

We hope this is both a challenge and encouragement. A challenge to not ignore the hardest parts of the journey, and encouragement that there is hope waiting for you even there.

For anyone doing something to care for children living as orphans, keep it up. There is hope. But we have to go through the hard parts to get there. Thankfully we have a great leader ahead of us, showing us the path and calling us to greater hope and love.


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