Pool Day At Maria’s

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Summer is finally here! That means one of everyone’s favorite activities, pool day, has arrived for the children at Maria’s Big House of Hope.

The day started early with staff filling up the two inflatable pools of warm water outside of Maria’s.

Many of the children at pool day this year had never been swimming before. Thankfully, we had a student team to help the younger kiddos feel more comfortable in the water. Although we had a few kids who were a little hesitant to get in the pool, within a few minutes they were laughing and splashing each other. We were so proud of how well they did! Some of our new swimmers, like Suzy and Hughitt, took right to the water, jumping in with big smiles.

Some of the older kids, who are pool day veterans, were on cloud nine when they heard it was time to jump back in the pool. John, who you see in the photo at the top of the page, loved using a water gun and squirting all those in sight—especially those not in the water! Following John’s lead, Ryker loved making big waves and splashing those nearby. By the end of pool day, everyone near Ryker was soaking wet!

We love the opportunity to help create memorable moments like this for these sweet kids. It is because of the generous support of our Show Hope sponsors that these moments are possible.


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