Five Inspiring Stories of Adoption

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The Medders Family: Bringing Wilson Home

Every year, Show Hope witnesses the formation of thousands of families through both domestic and international adoptions. It is a joy to see! God’s call to care for orphans is especially sweet when found in the journey of individual families.

The adoption process can be long and burdensome, but these five families approached their decisions to adopt with faith. Today, we get to celebrate their stories!

  1. The Arroyo Family: After years of waiting on God for a child, the Arroyo’s welcomed Noah into their family. Their family stands as witness to God’s provision He is committed to care for children around the world and for the hearts of waiting parents.
  2. The Medders Family: The Medders family is a great example of walking in faith. After four biological children and one adoption, they thought they were done with newborns. However, a series of events allowed them the opportunity to adopt their son Watson’s younger, biological brother. God’s timing is amazing, and he has a perfect plan for children and families.
  3. The White Family: James and Rachel White spent a great amount of time, resources and prayer while finding their way to their son, Samuel. Their story of perseverance, faith and hope will encourage you to consider the ways your own family might be involved in adoption.
  4. The Krauss Family: God is faithful to consistently grow and nurture those who follow him. The Krauss family came to understand God’s call to care for orphans, and was aided in the process with a Show Hope grant. This story of adoption finds twin boys in a loving family that had hoped and prayed for years.
  5. The Bonnema Family: Adoption is a costly endeavor, and Show Hope seeks to ease the financial burden on families. After a number of setbacks, the Bonnema family was able to receive help through Show Hope’s Adoption Aid Grants to assist in their second adoption. Their story of hope and faith will encourage anyone wondering how to make it all work.

These amazing stories of adoption testify to God’s call to care for orphans around the world. It is the joy and the charge that we have as Christians – to accept our own adoptions as sons and daughters of God and to invite others into that family. At Show Hope, we are motivated by this call.


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