Adopted or Biological: They are “Your Own” Kids

January 22, 2016 | Posted In Featured


The importance of adoption in the Gospel is undeniable.

God is the master storyteller. He weaves together every thread in the fabric of history for the purpose of his glory and redemptive cause. He takes every detail into consideration.

There is one small detail of his story that is often missed, but so important: Jesus was adopted by his earthly father. Joseph chose to take Jesus as his own, even though he was not his biological father.

Just as Joseph took Jesus as his own son, God calls us as his own through Christ, and we are called to do the same by caring for waiting children today.

There’s a key phrase here, something that keeps coming up: It’s the idea of “your own.”

When parents adopt a child, that child is “their own.” No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Oftentimes, however, adoptive parents will face questions such as, “Do you have any children of your own?”

I wonder if Joseph was asked that question.

Adoptive and biological children are equally your own. There is no distinction thanks to this awesome thing called love.

When speaking to adoptive parents, it’s important to avoid language like this, similar to avoiding language like “real parents.” If you choose to ask this question, ask if the family has any “biological children.”

When a family brings a child home through the process of adoption, he or she is their own. Just as God models in his adoption of us, adoptive parents strive to commit every ounce of their being to love, cherish, nurture, and protect that child.

As friends of adoptive parents, it is important to honor that commitment by recognizing that adopted and biological children are equally, uniquely “your own.”

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