3 Major Areas of Adoption Expense

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3 Major Areas of Adoption Expense

Show Hope is eager to assist families in reducing the financial barrier to adoption. When talking about adoption expenses, it’s helpful to look at three of the major areas of expense:

1. Paperwork and Logistics

When preparing to adopt, couples must account for registration, application, adoption study, and processing and placement fees. Each of these fees can range in cost from $40 to $4,000, and the costs add up quickly for couples. There are also costs associated with finding legal and agency representation to assist in the paperwork, and there should always be some sort of allowance for anything needing to be filed or prepared twice. Also, time is money, and the time spent preparing various documents accumulates quickly for families. These costs are necessary, though, because they ensure that a child is placed in a safe environment.

2. Agency Partnerships

Both domestic and international agencies work closely with families to prepare them for the adoption. Agencies equip families with social workers, counselors, legal services, and more. Agencies can also provide resources for Adoption Aid and support. Agency costs can vary, but generally include many of the fees that are listed above. Adopting through a foster care agency can involve very little expense…and sometimes none at all! Click here for more resources about adopting from foster care.

3. Travel and Accommodations

Whether you are looking into a domestic or international adoption, there are usually costs associated with travel and accommodations. International travel usually costs more than domestic travel. Costs accrue as couples travel to visit agencies and families, and if there is a foster care transition period. With international adoptions, there are also costs in obtaining documentation for adoption and visitations. Click here to read a Show Hope blog post about a family working through the costs associated with adoption.

At Show Hope, we understand that these major areas of adoption expense can add up and become costly. The U.S. government offers a tax credit for individuals and couples who have adopted. This amount is credited to a family after the adoption process is complete, so unfortunately it can’t be used at the beginning of the process. Show Hope is committed to providing Adoption Aid through its Adoption Aid grants. We hope to be a resource for families looking to adopt, so please contact us for more information about Adoption Aid!


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