The White Family’s Adoption Story

September 3, 2015 | Posted In Adoption Aid

The White Family brought their son, Samuel, home with the help of a Show Hope grant! In their inspiring adoption testimony below, they describe God’s provision throughout their journey.

White Family Adoption Testimony

If you had asked us ten years ago at our wedding where we would be now, the answer would have most likely included “settled” with “1 or 2 (maybe 3) children running around the house.” It definitely would not have included “China” or “adoption.”

After five years of marriage, we opened our hearts and minds to adoption. Our journey began in October 2013, followed by 13 months of paperwork, fundraising, and countless bureaucratic processes, and finally culminated in the addition of 6-year-old Shui Chang – now “Sammy” – into our family.

White Family Adoption Testimony

Because we are an active duty military family, currently stationed in Italy, we chose to adopt internationally. Once we settled on an adoption agency, everything fell into place. We found Sammy’s profile, asked for his file, and had our pediatrician evaluate what we knew of his medical history. We continued with the understanding that Sammy was probably deaf and possibly had other neurological problems as well. We felt led to move forward anyway.

The process was long and challenging, but we received God’s peace that all would be well, we just had to continue to trust in Him. In November 2014, we traveled to China and met Sammy for the first time. He was very weak and timid – but also beautiful with a stunning smile.

White Family Adoption Testimony

Sammy has been home for ten months. He is not deaf, but has significant developmental delays. His vocabulary is very limited, but his comprehension is great and he is learning to speak and can use some basic sign language! His strength has improved, and he no longer needs assistance climbing the stairs. I recently watched him climb the ladder to the slide on the playground all by himself for the first time. Then he did it again. And again. And again. It was a momentous occasion!

We are very thankful and grateful to organizations like Show Hope that helped reduce the financial burden of our adoption process. Overall, our fees and expenses came to roughly $35,000. However, with the support of family and friends, fundraisers, and our Show Hope grant, we were able to raise almost $20,000 of that amount. I cannot articulate just how blessed we were during this process!

Thank you, Show Hope, for all that you do – and for helping create this beautiful family of three.

James, Rachel, and Samuel White

White Family Adoption Testimony


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