The Bonnema Family Adoption Testimony

August 14, 2015 | Posted In Adoption Aid

The Bonnema Family recently welcomed their daughter, Riley Grace, into their family through the miracle of adoption. In their inspiring adoption testimony below, they share about their journey and God’s constant faithfulness through it all. The Bonnema Family Adoption Testimony My husband and I have always wanted to adopt, and adoption was our first choice for building our family. We spent our first 4.5 years of marriage planning for adoption and putting aside a significant amount of money to make it possible for us to adopt two children. Our first daughter, Zoe, joined our family in December 2012. In October 2013, we began to feel called to adopt again, and in November 2013, Zoe’s birthmother surprised us by asking us to adopt Zoe’s biological sibling. We agreed, but her birthmother changed her mind in the hospital a few months later. We were devastated. We had felt so ready to welcome another child into our home and were not sure how long it would take for us to save the money again. We foresaw at least a year of sacrifice and saving to put aside what we had lost. It was confusing and painful, to say the least. The Bonnema Family Adoption Testimony We felt called to continue pursuing adoption even though we did not have all of the money in hand anymore. We decided to apply for a Show Hope grant to see if we could recoup some of the adoption expenses we had lost. We were thrilled beyond belief to be awarded more than what we lost in our failed adoption process! Although we were not matched with a child yet, we felt that this was HUGE confirmation from the Lord that we were on the right track in continuing to pursue adoption. More than just financial provision, the Show Hope grant reminded us of HOPE – hope that we were on the right track in pursuing adoption, that the Lord was honoring our obedience, that He was with us even through our pain that seemingly made no sense, and that He was going to lead us to our child. The Bonnema Family Adoption Testimony A few months later, we were matched with a beautiful little girl. We were there for her birth and were able to spend time in the hospital with her birthparents and their families before taking her home. We truly feel that our time with them was God-ordained, and that our relationships with them will last a lifetime. In the end, we were blessed to take that beautiful little girl home in July 2014. It’s hard to remember a time when we did not have Riley Grace as part of our family. The Bonnema Family Adoption Testimony The Lord has worked powerfully in our community through our adoption journey. Our journey through grief and loss and eventual restoration has built more depth into our faith and our ministry. It was our privilege and blessing to be able to share the news of the Show Hope grant, pointing to just one more way that the Lord has packed our journey full of more blessings than we could have ever imagined.

Thank you so much to all Show Hope sponsors and donors, from the bottom of our hearts! 



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