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Faith in the Waiting: The Shoumaker Family

Right now, there are children around the world who are waiting for their forever family.

Children just like 5 year-old Martin, 4 year-old Olivia, and 2 year-old Malvina who are currently living in a foster home in Poland, where they are unable to receive the love and stability of a forever family.

But there is still hope!

In Tupelo, Mississippi there’s a couple who long to bring these children into their family — Mitchell Shoumaker and his wife Dustin.

Waiting for Their Children: The Shoumaker Family

Mitchell and Dustin believe wholeheartedly in following God’s command to care for orphans, and in early 2015 they felt God calling them to begin growing their family through adoption.

In faith, the Shoumaker’s have stepped out to answer the call, trusting that the Lord will provide the resources needed to bring their children home.

An average adoption costs over $25,000, which creates a huge barrier between many children and the families who long to bring them home. Determined to overcome this barrier, Mitchell and Dustin fundraised, prayed, and applied for a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant.

Each year, Show Hope receives over 900 grant applications from families all over the U.S. just like the Shoumaker’s. But because Show Hope receives more qualified applicants than there are funds for, we are forced to turn away many of the qualified applicants each year! This means children like Martin, Olivia, and Malvina are left waiting without the hope of a family.

Today, there are families in YOUR state who are waiting, fundraising, praying, and applying for Show Hope grants to help bring their children home. You can be the difference in the lives of these children! By donating to Show Hope’s Adoption Aid fund, you can bring hope to children like Martin, Olivia, and Malvina!




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