August Prayer Focus: Stacy

August 3, 2015 | Posted In Care Centers

August Prayer Focus: Stacy

Stacy is a sweet little girl who was admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope when she was two months old. She’ll be celebrating her first birthday this October! Stacy loves to be held and cuddled and especially lights up when her nanny kisses her face. It is such a joy to watch her and her nanny babble back and forth and mimic each other. Another thing Stacy enjoys is watching the older kids in her room play together. There are several older kids in her nursery and there’s always plenty of laughter to be heard!

Upon admission to Maria’s Big House of Hope, Stacy was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and a gastrointestinal malformation. We are very hopeful that she’ll be ready for surgery soon! Please pray that in the time leading up to surgery, she will continue to grow healthy and strong. Please also pray that the surgery would go smoothly without complications and that she would heal quickly. THANK YOU for supporting Maria’s Big House of Hope and praying for sweet Stacy!

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Additional Prayers:

+Lord of all mercy, during this Adoption Aid month, we pray that you will use Show Hope’s Adoption Aid program to lead more waiting children into the arms of their forever families!

+Father, we pray that you will use the Empowered to Connect conference in Minneapolis on September 18-19 to bring deep hope and healing to children from hard places.

+Lord, during this time of construction and building updates at Maria’s Big House of Hope, we pray that you would provide the children and staff with peace and hope during the transition.

+Father to the fatherless, raise up greater numbers of Show Hope sponsors so that more waiting children can know the love and protection of a family through adoption.

+Father of all mercy, provide rest and faith to orphans around the world. Work deep and abiding hope into their hearts and teach us all in ever-greater ways that your hand can be trusted even when it is difficult to see.


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