Building Updates at Maria’s Big House of Hope

July 29, 2015 | Posted In Care Centers

Building Updates at Maria's Big House of Hope

Over the next few months, there will be some new and exciting things happening at Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH)! In an effort to maintain and continue to improve the level of care provided to children at MBHOH, we are partnering with the Children’s Welfare Institute (CWI) in Luoyang to update our facility. This will include additions and improvements to the fire suppression system, IT infrastructure, and HVAC systems.

Because of the scope of these repairs and updates, it will be necessary to move the children to a different location during the duration of this project. To minimize the impact to the children under our care, we are creating a “Mini MBHOH” in a wing of a local hotel, which is located just two blocks away from MBHOH.

An entire floor of this hotel is being rented and renovated to allow the children and their nannies to occupy the rooms. The hotel has graciously allowed us to remove their furniture to make room for cribs and other necessities. Utmost care is being taken to ensure that the care and routines of the nannies and children are maintained as much as possible. Our kitchen staff will have access to the hotel kitchen to prepare food for the children and our medical and administrative staff will be onsite as well. Additional space in the hotel will be utilized for supply storage, a dining room for the nannies, and nursing staff.

The children will live in groups of four with their nannies. Keeping all of the children on one floor will allow us to maintain easy access for medical staff and also monitor outside access to the floor. Nurses will live onsite and there will be an “on call room” on the floor to ensure quick access to a nurse at all hours.

Building Updates at Maria's Big House of Hope

The proximity of this hotel to MBHOH is a huge asset as it allows for minimal transition for both the children and the staff. It also has the advantage of providing sufficient parking for all commuting staff. The hotel is adjacent to a large, two-acre flower park with covered walkways, providing ample opportunity for outdoor play for the children with their nannies!

We are thankful for the opportunity to further improve our facilities at MBHOH as we look forward to many more years of providing life-giving care for orphans with special needs. The cost of the sprinkler system is being covered by the generosity of the local CWI, with the remaining cost covered by Show Hope. We are incredibly grateful for our ongoing partnership with the CWI that helps make our work possible!

As we move into this brief season of transition at Maria’s Big House of Hope, please join us in praying for the children and staff – that God will fill them with joy and peace as they relocate for the next few months. Please also pray that everything goes smoothly with the building updates! Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

Building Updates at Maria's Big House of Hope


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