Care Centers Spotlight: Issachar

July 13, 2015 | Posted In Care Centers

Care Centers Spotlight: Issachar


In the summer of 2014, a little boy named Issachar was admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope (Show Hope’s flagship Care Center in the Henan province of China). Upon his arrival, he was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, a condition that limits the range of motion in his joints. Despite being in a new place and surrounded by strangers, Issachar was very inquisitive and content. Even now, he is usually seen quietly observing everything around him with childlike curiosity.

When Issachar finds things especially fun and interesting, he wiggles and grins with joy! Although his condition limits his mobility, Issachar is playful and energetic. While his friends Jared and Bryant run around playing, Issachar manages to keep up with them by rolling quickly across the floor. If you were to visit his room, Issachar would be right behind the other kids, rolling in your direction until he bumps into you with a sweet smile across his face!

We are hopeful that physical therapy will help improve Issachar’s range of motion and strength. We are so happy to have Issachar with us—that we, along with help from our sponsors and donors, can bless him and give him love and medical care! Please join us in praying and advocating for Issachar.



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