The Medders Family: Bringing Wilson Home

June 28, 2015 | Posted In Adoption Aid

The Medders Family brought their son, Wilson, home with the help of a Show Hope grant! In their inspiring adoption testimony below, they describe God’s faithfulness throughout their journey.

The Medders Family: Bringing Wilson Home

Back in the fall of 2010, our church had a weekend focus on adoption. We began to pray and seek God’s will about the possibility of us becoming an adoptive family. Over time, it became clear to us that God wanted to grow our family through adoption. We had three biological children at the time, but knew in our hearts that we had room for another little one, and wanted to open our home to a child who needed a family. We began the process in January 2011, and by October, we were so excited to bring Watson home!

Fast forward two years. Watson was now two, and we had one more biological child born in the spring of 2013. Feeling that our family was complete with five children, we began to give away and sell our baby-related items, as we were certain we’d not need those things again! We were settling in to the routine of having five kids (if anything about that adventure can be considered “routine.”) We thought our family was complete.

God had other plans.

In 2013, we received a call from the agency through which we adopted Watson. His birth mother was expecting again, and had inquired about the child being able to live with his older brother. We were being asked to adopt Watson’s younger sibling!

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What a crisis of faith we experienced! For a few days, we struggled with whether or not this was something we were supposed to pursue.   With a modest single income, five children already living in a not-very-large house, and a savings account that had just been depleted for unplanned home repairs, the reasons to say no seemed to outweigh the reasons to say yes. Last time, we were intentionally seeking an adoption. This time, the adoption came seeking us. After wrestling with the decision for about a week, God once again pulled us toward adoption. He promised that if He led us to it, that He would see us through it. We were willing to obey God’s call to adopt. We just had to trust that he would provide the means for us to do so. What a miracle it has been to see the pieces come together as He has faithfully provided for our every need!

The Medders Family: Bringing Wilson Home

We received the phone call about the adoption request in October. Our baby boy was born in November, while we frantically worked to get our home study updated and all the paperwork in place to go get him! In December, we brought our Wilson home. Due to the extremely short turnaround time, we had to finance a large portion of our expenses. Despite our initial financial shortcomings, God has been faithful to provide what we’ve needed, when we have needed it. Each step of the way our faith has been tested, and each time, God has proven to be faithful!

The Medders Family: Bringing Wilson Home

What a tremendous joy it was to receive a grant from Show Hope! It was humbling to receive that gift; to be able to put such a large amount of money toward our debt was a great blessing. Though we will likely never be face-to-face with those whose gifts made the grant possible, we’d love for them to know what a huge impact they have had on our adoption journey! The grant from Show Hope was one of the many ways God has shown us that we were obediently following His plan for our family. As this is being written, we have only a small amount of adoption-related debt remaining! This would not have been possible without the generous support we received from Show Hope. Thank you!!!

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt we made the correct decision in adopting both Watson and Wilson. They, along with our other four children, are a complete joy. Though life can sometimes be chaotic with six kids age nine and under, we wouldn’t have it any other way. To God be the glory!


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