Advocate Spotlight: Lily’s 4th Birthday for Show Hope

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The Williams Family


Before Lily came home to her forever family, she was cared for at Maria’s Big House of Hope (Show Hope’s flagship Care Center in the Henan province of China). Through five Care Centers, Show Hope strives to transform the lives of orphans with special needs. Maria’s Big House of Hope is the central facility through which we provide critical medical care to children like Lily, who is now home with her family in Tennessee!

Recently, Lily celebrated her 4th birthday. Instead of gifts, Lily and her family collected donations for Show Hope! The Williams Family traveled to Franklin in May 2015 for the Show Hope Care Centers reunion. While there, they met Mary Beth Chapman and presented her with a check to benefit Show Hope and the Care Centers where Lily once received life-giving medical care!

Through donating Lily’s 4th birthday, the Williams Family was able to raise funds to support the work and mission of Show Hope. There are so many ways to help support our Care Centers! You can join us in prayer, collected needed supplies, or become a sponsor to help make a tangible impact in the life of an orphan. You can also visit Maria’s Big House of Hope on a Show Hope trip, and have the opportunity to meet precious kiddos like Lily!



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