5 Ways to Care for Orphans Through Prayer

May 29, 2015 | Posted In Featured

5 Ways to Care for Orphans Through Prayer

At any given time, there are hundreds of thousands of children waiting for their forever family. The weight of it all can feel heavy at times, but we believe in the power of prayer. Here are 5 ways to care for orphans through prayer:

1. Pray for the Children

Right now, there are vulnerable children around the world who are growing up without a family. Pray for these children without ceasing. Pray that their hearts will be at peace and their longing for a family would be met quickly. Pray also for their temporary caregivers who are working to restore hope.

2. Pray for Attachment and Healing

As waiting children join their families, there is so much to be thankful for! As we rejoice over these blessings, let’s also take time to pray for their transition. Pray for healthy attachment and healing.

3. Pray for Finances

The adoption process can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you pray for orphans, ask God to help ease the financial burden of adoption. Consider donating to Show Hope to help fund adoptions around the world!

4. Pray for Families

Give thanks for new families! Invest in them – find ways to pray specifically for the families in your community who are adopting. Pray for the mothers, fathers, and children by name, asking God to bless their journeys! Read this Show Hope article to learn more about caring and praying for newly adoptive families.

5. Pray for Guidance

As you pray for orphans, also pray that the Lord would guide you to your own calling. Whether it’s through committed prayer, financial giving, adoption, or foster care, ask God for wisdom and guidance as you answer the call to care for orphans.

As you commit to praying for vulnerable children, Show Hope is here as a resource for further guidance. Connect with us to learn more about the adoption process, adoption assistance, ways to provide aid, and other ways to make God’s call to care for orphans a reality!


Looking for more ways to get involved in caring for orphans? Check out our 20-page eBook, “You Matter to the Movement: A Practical Guide to Caring for Orphans.” You can get that book for FREE by clicking here.


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