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May Prayer Focus: Olive

May Prayer Focus: Olive

Just under a year ago, God brought a beautiful little girl named Olive into this world. She was born with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a disorder that causes her skin to be so fragile that the wrong type of clothing fabric, being held too tightly, or even temperature changes can result in painful blisters that are vulnerable to infection.

Olive was brought to Maria’s Big House of Hope six months ago when she was only two months old. Although she came with large blisters on her body, she remained content, alert, and easily soothed when in pain or discomfort. Her unfailing joy despite her condition is a characteristic that we still see in her, making her a delight to play and spend time with. When listening to music, she loves to wave her strong arms and legs along with the beat and always giggles when listening to her favorite songs.

Because of her skin condition, Olive can only be held and hugged in certain ways in order to avoid development of blisters. Her arms and legs are wrapped in Vaseline and gauze to protect her skin, and her hands are always in little mittens. EB can also result in chronic itchiness, making Olive’s favorite time of the day bath time. In the midst of the bubbles in her bath, she always smiles in gratitude and rolls around giggling after being soothed with ointment.

Many of us take touch for granted—we hug and embrace our loved ones without even imagining: what would it be like without all of those comforts and displays of love and affection? Please join us in praying for Olive — that she would find a forever family to love her and cherish her, and that God would provide comfort and healing!

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Additional Prayers:

+Lord over all, raise up greater numbers of Show Hope sponsors so that more waiting children will know the love and hope of a forever family.

+We pray for the Guys Construction Team as they travel to Maria’s Big House of Hope on May 1-10. Grant them safety in travel and unity in spirit.

+Father of all mercy, make us faithful stewards of the gifts you have given us. Grant us hearts that joyfully give of time, talents, and funds to ­follow your call to care for orphans.

+God, anoint the efforts of all Show Hope Students as they work to raise awareness of the global orphan crisis. Bless the work of the Movement Club and the Red Bus Project.

+Father of all mercy, set the lonely in families. Raise up families for children with special needs, like Olive at Maria’s Big House of Hope.

Download and print this month’s prayer focus page >>>


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