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Care Centers Spotlight: Jessica-Hope

Care Centers Spotlight: Jessica-Hope

Maria’s Big House of Hope welcomed Jessica-Hope during the summer of 2014. When she arrived, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and a gastrointestinal malformation. Jessica-Hope was only one month old at the time of her admission, but within a few short months under our care she received two surgeries to help correct her medical conditions! She has recovered from both surgeries and is growing stronger everyday.

Care Centers Spotlight: Jessica-Hope

Jessica-Hope loves cuddling with her nanny. She is like many seven-month-olds who grin from ear to ear when showered with attention. She loves to play with her hands and watch the older kids in her room. Garrick is one of the boys in her room and she always giggles when he runs around! She has a very calm, sweet demeanor and is adored by all the nurses and nannies.

Care Centers Spotlight: Jessica-Hope

Jessica-Hope’s life is full of one miraculous story after another. All before her first birthday, she received a heart surgery and corrective surgery for her gastrointestinal malformation. She has overcome so many obstacles and continues to smile and laugh, proving just how strong she really is! We are so thankful for our Show Hope sponsors and donors who help make this care possible for Jessica-Hope and many other children like her.

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