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The Spencer Family: “God has blessed our journey!”

The Spencer Family Adoption Testimony

Obedience is a word that continues to be used in our family and testimony with the adoption of our son, Grant, who is from Inner Mongolia, China. I (Sarah) felt that God had called us to adopt and had been feeling this for several years after reading Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. My heart broke for orphans in China. My husband Doug, however, was not hearing the same call to adopt. I prayed that I was hearing God’s call correctly and also prayed that Doug would have a change of heart. Whenever times of doubt would arise, God would show Himself faithful through repeated confirmations of His calling for our family. As Doug was studying in Matthew, the words written about Joseph seemed so clear. Joseph was obedient. Doug had a lot of concerns and questions about adoption. Yet, there were so many times that Joseph could have said “No” or even questioned the entire situation with Mary, but he didn’t…he obeyed. So on Mother’s Day 2013, we submitted our adoption application.

We learned throughout our adoption process that God has a perfect time for every good thing. Any delays we experienced were so God’s plans could be fulfilled in our family. The times we spent waiting had a purpose; they helped direct us to the child God had planned for our family. As we began looking at waiting children, God prepared our hearts to adopt a child with special medical needs and to be open to either a boy or a girl. We opened Grant’s file and just fell in love with his smile and crazy hair. His hair reminded us of our older son’s crazy hair when he was younger. We spent several days in prayer. We knew that this crazy-haired, 18-month-old boy was our son!

The Spencer Family Adoption Testimony

One of the most momentous parts of our adoption journey was through God’s amazing answer to our prayers for protection over Grant. As the paperwork process continued, we discovered that Grant was in a loving foster home. We discovered that they had raised the funds needed for Grant’s lip repair in June 2013! So while we prayed that somewhere out there, God would place his hands of protection over our son, God had done immeasurably more than we could have ever asked or imagined.

Our adoption journey has made our own adoption into the family of God all the more meaningful. There have been so many moments of clarity in the love our Heavenly Father has for us in making us His sons and daughters. A few weeks ago, Grant had his palate repair surgery. A few days after surgery, Grant was very fussy. Through his actions, we could tell that even though he didn’t want to be lovable, he very much wanted to be loved. How many times have we done the same to our God? And how many times has He met us right where we are?

God has blessed our journey with so many people who prayed, gave, laughed, cried, and simply walked alongside us. As stated earlier, we want to say thank you! We pray that God continues to bless Show Hope and all those who work so generously to make these adoption aid grants possible!

Doug and Sarah Spencer


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