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3 Things Adoptive Parents Want You To Know

3 Things Adoptive Parents Want You To Know

At Show Hope, we are always encouraged to hear stories of children once waiting, being brought into the love and nurture of a family through adoption. Whether you hope to adopt in the future or have added to your family by adoption multiple times, there are always new things to learn. Here are three things that adoptive parents want you to know:

1. Timelines are Flexible

Many (if not most) adoptions don’t follow a perfect timeline. Delays occur, paperwork crawls, and the best-laid plans can fall through. One couple could prepare for years, while another could welcome a child into their home just days after their paperwork is competed. Many variables are involved in the process and so the timeline is often difficult to predict. Many families find this to be one of the most difficult aspects of the adoption process.

2. Words Matter 

Parents preparing to adopt are overjoyed with their journey. So it is important to honor their excitement in the ways that meaningfully enter into their journey as well as honor them with our mindset and words. Be mindful that your words can serve as a significant encouragement to bring life and dignity to the child and family as they enter into a new life together. Read this Show Hope blog post about phrases to avoid.

3. You’re Invited!

Most parents can’t wait to share in the excitement of welcoming home their new child! Be sure that you find small ways to be involved in this exciting time. You can share your prayers with the parents, host a baby shower in their honor, donate in honor of their adoption through Show Hope, coordinate a meal calendar for them once they are home, or help in their fundraising efforts! Being surrounded by those who love you and share in the excitement of the journey is a gift to anyone adding to their family through birth or adoption.

As you look for ways you can make a difference in the lives of waiting children around the world, consider the many avenues available with Show Hope. Connect with us to learn more about the adoption process, adoption aid grants, post placement resources on attachment, and other creative ways to be involved in orphan care!

Are you preparing to bring a child home through adoption? If so, what are some things you’d like your family and friends to know before your child comes home?


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