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A Word from Mary Beth Chapman: Holding on to Hope

A Word from Mary Beth Chapman: Holding on to Hope

I’ve been in China since January 22nd and come home on January 31st. It has been an amazing trip…a reminder of what God is up to…a tangible visual exposure to the miracles that happen at a place known as Maria’s Big House of Hope (MBHOH).

Steven and I have had to privilege of working alongside Show Hope for many years, and the stories of each and every person affected by the work of MBHOH and the surrounding Special Care Centers that Show Hope has in China is staggering. But on this trip… something very special happened. I watched Fahlin become Fahlin Maria XueFang Chapman. She is officially my niece.

A Word from Mary Beth Chapman: Holding on to Hope

Fahlin has been in care at MBHOH since 2010 and has a very serious heart condition. When I first met Fahlin, she was a tiny little person residing on the 5th floor palliative care. I met her on a trip to China. I was drawn to her immediately and wanted to help. I searched high and low for help at a hospital in the U.S. that would take her case. I finally got to talk with some folks at UCLA children’s hospital and what I feared the most is what I heard. Her case was too difficult…nothing can be done. So, Fahlin was going to pass away peacefully at some point in the loving care of MBHOH with dignity…except…she kept living.

As time went on, I received great news. I heard that she was being adopted…Fahlin would have a home in New York and would receive care by a doctor there! Our whole family who had been praying for her was thrilled. She would finally have a home and a family. Then I received some news. The doctor who reviewed her case in the U.S. felt that her condition was so severe that she would not be able to survive the transition or flight home…she would not be able to receive her family. She would live out her days in the loving care of MBHOH…with dignity and peace…and she kept living.

But all along, a family is what she needed. It is a long God story…a total miracle, but somehow in His infinite wisdom He made a way. My brother and his wife were immediately taken with her story, she became available for adoption, and now she is coming home! Fahlin is very sick. And she may not be with us long. We don’t know how long we have with her, but she will know the love of a family…and she will hear about her heavenly home and about the Father who waits for her there.

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A Word from Mary Beth Chapman: Holding on to Hope



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