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The Arroyo Family’s Journey to Noah

The Arroyo Family recently brought their son home with the help of a Show Hope grant! It was a long journey, but they say that “all the years of longing and tears are just a distant memory” now that Noah is home! Read their inspiring testimony below.

The Arroyo Family's Journey to Noah

Our journey began like most families. My husband and I married 13 years ago and planned to have children within five years. Well, five years later, our plans didn’t work out like we had thought. We were devastated, distraught, and questioned God’s provision. We were ready to start a family and didn’t understand why it was so difficult!

After living in Florida for five years, our pastor approached us to move out-of-state to be part of a church plant team in Columbus, MS. Over the course of the next few months, we packed our house, left everything familiar, and set off for the Deep South. When we got to Columbus, we had to find work. I was blessed to land a job at a Christian children’s home working as a food service manager. I worked there for about two years before my husband and I accepted the position of house parents for 8 girls in one of the homes. We were thrilled and nervous at the same time! Not long after becoming house parents, we decided to try fertility treatments. It was unsuccessful and we were devastated. That is when God began to speak loudly to our hearts.

The Arroyo Family's Journey to Noah

Adoption always seemed like something other people did. How could we love a child that didn’t come from our bodies? How could we afford adoption? Would our friends and family accept it? These were the thoughts that went through our minds. About a year after attempting fertility treatment, we were at a Christmas party. The host of the party began talking about how he was in the process of bringing home his third child through adoption. After hearing his story, something leapt inside both my husband and I. We went home that night and sat in the living room and agreed that God was calling us to adopt. The very next day, we filled out our first application with the adoption agency.

Every single aspect of our adoption process was amazing. The one obstacle we faced was how we were going to pay for the adoption. We had always been good with finances, but the thought of going into debt didn’t line up with what we knew the Bible says about finances. We applied for about 20 grants and made crafts to sell for money.

The Arroyo Family's Journey to Noah

Just three weeks after our home study was complete, we got a call about a child. We were thrilled and scared. However, for various reasons, it fell through. About three months later, we received another call. The one thing lingering in our minds was how we were going to pay the $6,500 placement fee. We thought that we’d have months of waiting in order to save. Unfortunately, that placement fell through too. We were sad, but not devastated. We knew God had a plan.

About three weeks later, we received a letter from Show Hope informing us that we had been awarded a grant for $6,000! How great is our God!!! Now we only had to pay the $500 balance as well as any fees from the agency. We were ecstatic and SO relieved!

The Arroyo Family's Journey to Noah

Three months later, we received a call about another baby. We knew from the beginning that this child was ours. In April 2014, Noah Luke Arroyo was born just two hours from our home! We were at the hospital about six hours after he was born and he was officially placed with us two days later. We named him Noah, which means light. He has helped us SEE things in a new way! We are beyond blessed.

The Arroyo Family's Journey to Noah

To all the generous donors who give to Show Hope: THANK YOU!!! Your gifts helped our son come home to us! I wish we could meet each and every person who helped bring Noah home. All the years of longing and tears are just a distant memory when I look into the beautiful eyes of my son. Just writing this makes me cry thinking about all the people who made this possible for our family and for so many others. May God bless each and every Show Hope donor!

With the most sincere appreciation,

Ismael, Damaris, and Noah Arroyo

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