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Sarah Rooker, a student who has traveled with Show Hope on numerous short-term trips, shares her heart for orphans and why YOU should join Show Hope on a trip this year! The application deadline for our 2015 trips is January 20th.

Explore God's Heart for Orphans on a Short-Term Trip with Show Hope!

Short-term service trips have played a very large part in my life.  Show Hope, an orphan care ministry that is very near and dear to my heart, leads short-term trips to Haiti and China every year and you can apply now! 

I have been pondering and praying over this blog for the past couple of days. I have written, erased, and written again. And then I realized that there’s basically one thing that I want to say: If God is nudging you and if doors are opening, go! Don’t overthink it, don’t wait to win the lottery, don’t wait for a big sign from God, just go! Traveling to a different culture to experience the raw vulnerability of the plight of the orphan will change your life.

God calls everyone to care for orphans. Not everyone is called to adopt or to give money. But, everyone is called to care for orphans. On a trip with Show Hope, you can discover what God has gifted you with and in what ways he has called you to care for orphans!

I have been on three of Show Hope’s short-term trips, once to Haiti and twice to China. In Haiti, Show Hope partners with another organization called Hands and Feet Project. They have a home that cares for more than 70 children of all ages. You will serve the orphanage and will participate in activities with the children.

In China, you will be staying at Maria’s Big House of Hope, a special care center for more than 140 children with special needs. You will interact with the children and nannies and help fill whatever needs they have.

Both trips will incorporate orphan care training that has been developed by the Show Hope staff. It is within this training that you will discover the facts and figures about orphan care and adoption. You will also learn how you can play a part in alleviating the orphan crisis and, most importantly, you will discover how deep God’s heart is for the fatherless.

Explore God's Heart for Orphans on a Short-Term Trip with Show Hope!

I have traveled with multiple other ministries and churches. But, the method in which Show Hope prepared and trained me was unparalleled. The reality is that these trips are ‘short-term’. It takes intentional work to make sure that they have a lasting impact on your life. Show Hope prepares you well and keeps your focus on Jesus.

In case you’re still on the edge about whether or not to go, I have included a list of reasons that may help you decide:

Orphans are near to God’s heart. We must care for these kids. Perhaps your next step in caring for orphans is going on a short-term trip with Show Hope!

Click the button below to apply:

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Please share this with anyone else who may be interested!

— Sarah Rooker

Explore God's Heart for Orphans on a Short-Term Trip with Show Hope!

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