3 Sobering Realities Facing Children Without Parents

December 22, 2014 | Posted In Featured

3 Sobering Realities Facing Children Without Parents

With more than 140 million children in the world currently classified as orphaned, it is important to understand how this term is defined and what risk being orphaned carries for children. According to the United Nations’ definition, an orphan is a child who has lost one or both parents. It is this absence of loving caretakers that many children are left facing an extreme vulnerability to navigate childhood alone. Here are three realities facing children without the resource of “family”:

1. Human Trafficking

According to a 2002 study conducted in Zambia by the International Labour Organization, nearly 75% of children engaged in prostitution were orphans living without one or both parents. This reality is not limited to just this single geographic population of children but instead threatens orphans worldwide. One of the main roles in the life of a parent is to protect your children from dangers beyond their ability to handle or face alone. This means that when a child is not covered under the protection of a family, they are vastly more susceptible to exploitation, child labor abuses and human trafficking.

2. Malnutrition and Disease

For the majority of orphans around the world, the need to secure an adequate daily sustenance looms as a fundamental challenge to their ongoing survival. Limited access to clean water and nutrition make children who have been orphaned far more susceptible to diseases, as well as developmental and cognitive delays.

3. Despair

Perhaps the most destructive reality for a child without parents is despair. Without a family to protect, provide and care for them, many children experience a paralyzing lack of hope as they live each day with great uncertainty – not knowing who will care for them, who will protect them, who will provide for them, who will love them. This is the devastating reality for children without parents.

And this is precisely where you come in.

For waiting children, living without a family can pose devastating risks — but there is hope! Vulnerable children can experience the protection, provision, love and nurture of a family through your help. There are many reasons that orphans need families and at Show Hope, we know that the gift of a forever family is one that every child should have the opportunity to experience. God’s call to care for orphans is a Biblical mandate we cannot hide from and that’s why we’re here to help!

As each of us works to discover the place God is calling us to in providing for the needs of waiting children around the world, we invite you to meet the needs of these children by providing the hope of family through adoption assistance grants. Through these grants, waiting children are able to come into the love and protection of a forever family through adoption, not only in the U.S. but around the world as well. Through our Care Centers in China, you can also help provide desperately needed medical care for children with special needs. By becoming a Show Hope sponsor, you can help meet these needs in direct and life-changing ways for these children. Visit our website today to learn more.

Whether you’re called to become an adoptive family,  an advocate for waiting children in your community, a prayer warrior, a passionate student speaking out for orphans, or a parent seeking to teach your children how they can also care for orphans, Show Hope can help. Together, we can make a difference!

Let’s work to ensure that all children receive the love and protection that only a family can provide.

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