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Show Hope Launches “Gifts of Hope” Catalog

3 December 2014 – Nashville, Tenn – Show Hope™, founded in 2003 by multi-award winning Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, a New York Times’ best-selling author, is a nonprofit organization that helps restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress. One of the organization’s primary objectives is to mobilize individuals, students, families, and communities to join them in caring for the world’s most vulnerable children. During this Christmas season, Show Hope wants you to join them in giving a gift that will never lose its worth: hope for children who need families!

If you are struggling with what to buy for everyone on your list or if you want to do something a little more meaningful during this season of giving, Show Hope makes it easy for you with their “Gifts of Hope” catalog! Throughout the catalog, you can give hope to orphans by making a donation in honor of a loved one. From gifts as low as $12, you can help bring an orphan home to their family, or help provide medical care for orphans with special needs at Show Hope’s Special Care Centers in China, or you can give to Show Hope’s most urgently needed fund. As an individual or a family gift, you can become a Show Hope Sponsor or LifeHope Sponsor. Click on each to find out more information.

Listed below are more ways YOU can help! Visit to view the complete catalog.

Most Urgently Needed Fund:
You can help give an orphan lasting love and life-giving care through your gift to the Most Urgently Needed Fund. We’ll use your gift where it will have the most impact!

Thousands of orphans are now in forever families with the help of Show Hope’s work, and hundreds of orphans with special needs have already received life-giving medical care. Your gift of any amount will be used to ensure that children are not left as orphans, and that each child experiences the love and care they desperately need.

A Forever Family for an Orphan in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, or the United States:
Right now, the opportunity to help these children is the greatest it has ever been, and with your gift, we can help another orphan from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America or the U.S. come home to a forever family.

AFRICA: With AIDS, famine, war, and poverty devastating communities across the continent of Africa, the need has never been greater

ASIA: This continent has the largest number of orphans in the world

EASTERN EUROPE: Approximately 20% of all international orphans who find homes in forever families in the U.S. come from Europe

CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA: Roughly 5% of all children in this region are orphans, due to poverty, conflict, or natural disasters

THE U.S.: One of the most beautiful ways to affirm the sanctity of life is to support the miracle of adoption here in the United States

With your gift, we can help another orphan from around the world come home to a forever family. To give, click here!

Comfort and Shelter:
For many abandoned children who have special needs attentive care and a warm bed are essential to survive. Through Show Hope, you can provide for the most pressing needs of orphans in distress.

Our Special Care Centers are specially equipped to care for these children. Your gift to comfort and Shelter will help us provide a child these basic needs so they can thrive in a loving, family atmosphere.

Everyday Necessities:
Who will provide for an orphan’s daily needs? As Show Hope cares for hundreds of orphans with special needs every year, there is a great opportunity to help with many of the daily necessities that babies require.

From the love and nurture provided by caregivers, to the diapers and formula that every baby needs, your gift to Everyday Necessities will help provide for a child the basics that are needed for that child to thrive.

Hope and Healing for a Child Welcomed Home:
Show Hope offers tools and resources to families so they can be a source of hope and healing for their children. Your gift will enable an orphan to receive the love and care they need by preparing a family through our conferences and resources.

Maria’s Miracle Fund:
Maria Sue Chapman was the youngest daughter of the Chapmans who tragically passed away in 2008. In her memory, Show Hope set up the Maria’s Miracle Fund, which has been instrumental in making Maria’s Big House of Hope a reality and continues to fund our Special Care Centers in China. Your gift to Maria’s Miracle Fund will help us extend the highest level of medical care to an orphan who has special needs.

Mobilizing Students to Care for Orphans
Show Hope recognizes the importance of an intergenerational movement and the unique role that students have to offer this movement. Therefore, we have committed to partner with, utilize, and empower a younger generation that we can create lasting change that stretches beyond our individual lifetimes.

Surgeries and Medical Care:
Many orphans with special needs cannot thrive and often do not survive without surgery and specialized medical care. Orphanages often do not have the resources necessary to care for these children, and as a result the children are considered unadoptable and have no hope.
Your gift to Surgeries and Medical Care will help one of these precious children receive the care desperately needed.

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