3 Things to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

November 14, 2014 | Posted In Featured

3 Things to Know About Adopting from Foster Care

At Show Hope, we believe that every child needs a family. Right now in the United States, there are thousands of children in the foster care system who are waiting for a forever family of their own. They may go to school with your kids or they may even go to your church, but one thing is certain: they need a family.

The decision to become a foster family can positively impact a child’s life forever. Although foster parenting does not always lead to adoption, it can be a major first step for those who are considering becoming a forever family for a waiting child. Whether you are considering adoption for your own family or are seeking ways to support those who are, here are three things to know about adopting from foster care:

1. Children Need Families

Children waiting to find a loving family do not often view their future with great optimism or hope. The love and nurture of a forever family allows children the opportunity to develop healthy trust and attachment patterns that will provide a basis for all future relationships. Forever families also provide a safe place for a child to explore the plethora of possibilities that the future might hold for them! There is no greater gift that families can give than to restore the presence of love, security, and connection to a waiting child through adoption. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Prov 13:12)

2. Unique Challenges

For those adding to their family by adoption, it is incredibly important to begin with a strong understanding of the various approaches and methods that will help build connection and attachment with your child prior to their placement. This early groundwork will help set the stage for the deep connection and attachment that is vital even for children placed early in life. For children adopted through the foster care system, this process carries particular importance as many children have lingering memories of abuse, neglect or other traumas that preceded their placement into foster care. Adopting an older child can include unique challenges as well as additional opportunities for adoptive families to bring hope and healing to their child. The resources provided through Show Hope’s Empowered to Connect conferences can help families navigate opportunities for healthy connection and attachment with greater success.

3. Great Joy

Time and again, the Bible tells us that God is Father to the fatherless. When we enter into his mission to care for orphans, we are entering into a greater understanding of our own place as adopted sons and daughters. When families move forward to restore hope to waiting children through adoption, they are answering God’s call to care for orphans in distress. As is true for most families, there will be unique challenges throughout the journey, but the great hope that exudes from a new forever family provides a beautiful picture of God’s redemptive love.

Through your one-time or continuous donation, you can partner with Show Hope to restore the hope of a family to orphans around the world!


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