Advocate Spotlight: Emily’s 5K for Show Hope!

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Emily Blanton, a advocacy events, recently organized a 5K for Show Hope! Read below as she shares about her community coming together to care for orphans:

Advocate Spotlight: The 5k for Show Hope!

I have always been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman. When I was young, one of the first songs I can remember singing was “The Great Adventure”. I sang “Saddle up your horses!” at the top of my lungs with my brother. I first learned about Show Hope when Steven Curtis Chapman’s Christmas CD All I Really Want for Christmas came out, then when my family and I watched the movie The Christmas Child, and then most recently, a few years ago when Mary Beth’s book Choosing to See was released. I read their story and was so incredibly touched. I kept up with the building and opening of Maria’s Big House of Hope. Most recently, I attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Lubbock, TX and was once again touched by the huge need to care for orphans. I have always had a heart for children, especially orphans, and the ministry of Show Hope does amazing things in the world of orphan care and adoption. My favorite part about Show Hope is that it isn’t involved in just one aspect of caring for orphans, but is involved with every detail! In their Care Centers, orphans are saved and given the life-saving surgeries that they need. With Show Hope’s adoption aid grants, families who desire to adopt are given the financial assistance required for them to bring their child home. I wanted to do something to be a part of this amazing movement to care for orphans!

My birthday is on the 20th of September and this year I was turning 20. I wanted to do something memorable for it, but didn’t want to do something all about me. For quite a while, I had been wanting to do something for Show Hope. I enjoy 5K’s and thought it would be fun to set one up in support of Show Hope! I started with prayer and asking my family for help. Then, I contacted Show Hope and registered as an advocate. Because my event was a 5K in a small nearby town, I contacted the city to authorize my event and made sure I had cleared the event with the proper people. After receiving approval, I distributed flyers and participant packets throughout my community and promoted it in our local newspaper. Additionally, I spoke at my church, shared a video, and handed out information to other local churches about the event!

The 5K was at 5:00pm on my birthday, September 20th. The weather could not have been better! When I first had the idea of a 5K, I began praying that it would be a nice day. The weather in the Texas Panhandle can be very unpredictable and I was hoping for a beautiful day. My prayer was answered! Thanks to my wonderful community, the event was a huge success. I was blown away by the huge amount of support! Those who participated and donated were very excited about the event! In the weeks leading up to it, I could see it was definitely in God’s hands. Donations and participants came pouring in and the support was amazing. God is always faithful and this was another reminder of His faithfulness!!

Through our 5K for Show Hope, we raised over $8,000! For our small community, this was amazing! Many people now know about the mission of Show Hope and even asked when the next event was. Hopefully there will be other events like this in our community! — Emily Blanton

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Advocate Spotlight: The 5k for Show Hope!


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