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Adoption is a Lifelong Journey

Adoption is a Lifelong Journey

When a child comes home to their forever family through adoption, their healing doesn’t end there — it just begins.

Children who were once orphaned go through lots of transition and change when they enter into a healthy family unit for the first time. Often, these children continue to live and act out of their former experiences of hurt, loss, and fear. These children may never have learned what it looks like to trust, show affection, or receive affection. Without the right tools and coping strategies in place, these emotional wounds may remain unhealed.

Many families enter the adoption process with an understanding of the unique challenges they may face during the journey to bring their child home.  But once they have their child safely in their arms, many parents feel ill-equipped to help their child heal from the wounds of their past.

When Johnny Grimes and his wife adopted their daughter Penelope from Ethiopia in January of 2013, they anticipated that challenges would await them once they returned home.

“As we journeyed down the road of adoption we knew our family would face many challenges not only before we brought Penelope home, but after as well,” Grimes explained. “Thankfully, we had a great support system in place. We knew that it was going to take the full support of our family, our church, and our community to make this transition a positive one. All three understand that they play a significant role in the transition and care of our family. All were committed to learning how to care for our family through this journey.”

Adoption is a Lifelong Journey

As the Grimes family understood, a strong support system is vital to a family’s post-adoption health. But the need doesn’t stop there!

Even with a solid support system in place we still faced certain challenges with transition and attachment. Thankfully, these challenges led us to Show Hope. Through their post-adoption resources, Show Hope provided a wealth of wisdom and encouragement to us when we needed it most,” Grimes shared.

To help their daughter transition home and find healing in her new family, the Grimes family attended the Empowered to Connect conference. Empowered to Connect is a two-day conference for adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders, and professionals, designed to help them connect with children from hard places, in order to help them achieve healing and hope. Show Hope, in partnership with Dr. Karyn Purvis, is committed to educating these parents and families, through the ETC conferences, and other resources.

These resources became a lifesaver for us,” Grimes continued. “They have provided our family with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement. Often, we find ourselves reverting back to something we learned through these great resources.”

Adoption is a Lifelong Journey

Show Hope cannot continue to help families like the Grimes without YOUR help! We need you to join us in this glorious mission of offering real, tangible hope to ensure children receive a lifetime of love from those equipped to help them heal, so they no longer have to live as orphans.

Would you join us in helping more children like Penelope find healing? For the next month, an anonymous donor has agreed to match every gift given to this campaign, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000!

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